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A Tasty Remedy: My Top 6 Favorite Paleo Snacks!

Monday, June 16, 2014

My Top 6 Favorite Paleo Snacks!

In my former food-life, I snacked a lot.  I really needed it too at the time, or else I would get pretty darn hangry.  Like, I better have something to eat RIGHT NOW OR YOU WILL SUFFER.  It wasn't good for anyone involved.

When I made the switch over to a real, whole foods based diet, snacking became less important as I learned what types of foods would keep me satisfied for longer.  Snacking is by no means gone from my life, and there's nothing wrong with that.  If you're hungry, you should eat!  What I go for now, looks a heck of a lot different than former snacking.  Move over fat free cheese and yogurt.  No room for you either, pretzels and chips.  These days, I'm all about getting in my fat and protein to keep me feeling satisfied.

So, what do I snack on?

1.  Jerky!  If buying store bought, be sure to check the label.  Steer clear of those brands that have a list of highly processed ingredients and preservatives.  If you're feeling up for it, why not make your own?  Check out this Smoky Beef Jerky recipe from Against All Grain.  Looking for a fool proof brand of paleo friendly jerky?  Head to Steve's Paleo Goods for their jerky, and other eats.

2.  Almond butter stuffed dates.  Using a knife, slice open a medjool date, remove the pit and stuff some almond butter in there.  Then proceed to shove it all in your mouth.  It's amazing!  Be sure to look for unsweetened almond butter that contains only almonds and salt.  This is a handy snack I like to grab when I'm in a hurry and need a little something before a workout.  Who am I kidding though.  It's good anytime.

3.  Prosciutto wrapped apple slices.  I use green apples most of the time since they're less sweet, and 21-Day Sugar Detox approved.  This makes for a nice savory-sweet bite.

4.  Sweet potato chips with guacamole.  Check out those ingredients on the store bought sweet potato chips and make sure they haven't been cooked in processed seed oils.  Jackson's Honest Chips are fried in coconut oil, and they are delicious!  Mix up some guac, and you're good to go.

5.  Apples dipped in almond butter.  Again, using a green apple, this keeps your snack 21 DSD approved.  I think it may be one of the things that helped keep me sane during those 21 days.

6.  Tuna with mayo on sliced cucumber.  Mix up a can of wild caught tuna with your favorite homemade mayo, and serve on sliced cucumber.  I love the snap you get from that cucumber.

What are some of your favorite paleo snacks?


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